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August solar power generation installed capacity 3.36GW
Aug 14, 2018

From January to August, the nation's electricity supply and demand was generally loose. The monthly growth rate of electricity consumption in the whole society slowed down month-on-month, and the electricity consumption of the three production industries continued to grow rapidly; the cumulative growth rate of electricity consumption in industry and manufacturing increased year-on-year; the cumulative growth rate of electricity consumption in high-energy industry increased year-on-year, and the non-ferrous metal smelting industry The monthly electricity consumption growth rate dropped for two consecutive months; the growth rate of power generation installed capacity slowed down, and the hydropower generation capacity increased for two consecutive months; the hydropower utilization hours decreased year-on-year; other types of power generation equipment utilization hours increased year-on-year; The province's electricity transmission increased year-on-year; the newly added solar power installed capacity increased significantly, driving the nation's new power generation capacity to increase year-on-year.

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