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Opportunities and challenges for China's PV development
Aug 14, 2018

In July this year, the new PV was still 10 million. The following is also a list of electricity price adjustments. In fact, the price cuts are quite large, ranging from 8 gross to 6 gross 5, which is quite related to this electricity price policy adjustment. The second one is that the shifting trend of PV development layout is very obvious. In fact, because of the original electricity price policy, where the resource conditions in the northwest are relatively good, the profits are quite rich, so the original began, including distributed, the original " Looking at the 12th Five-Year Plan, the Energy Bureau has also been distributed in the early stages. Why can't it develop? I think the development trend of the development layout is obvious. It can be seen from this data. Especially from the new installed capacity, East China and Central China accounted for 56% of all, and all installed capacity was 56%. The third feature is that distributed issues, distributed this year is indeed a bright spot, from the absolute installed capacity, about three times the same period last year. And there are more than 1 million new installations in six provinces.

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