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Photothermal power generation has developed on a large scale
Aug 14, 2018

China's relevant scientific research institutions and universities have studied the research and development of CSP technology from theory to experiment for more than 10 years, mastered its technical characteristics and laid the foundation for engineering application; there are several CSP proprietary technologies. The company has developed proprietary technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights, and has built several CSP test devices and test projects. Among them, Zhejiang Zhongkong Qinghai Delingha 10MW Tower Photothermal Power Plant has been put into operation in June 2013 and has accumulated rich operational experience. In addition, dozens of projects are currently in the preliminary work of the project. In September 2016, the previous batch demonstration project has been approved by the National Energy Administration. The total installed capacity of 20 units is 1.349 million kilowatts, and some projects have started construction.

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