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Promoting the development of new energy is a game of the field
Aug 14, 2018

China's three major industries, such as wind energy, photovoltaics, and lithium iron phosphate energy storage, tell the world by fact: renewable energy development is only in China. Because China has strong manufacturing capabilities and a strong engineering and technical team, Chinese entrepreneurs have a strong sense of innovation and creativity. The determination and speed of the Chinese government's infrastructure investment is unparalleled, and no country can match it. Photovoltaic has no China and cannot be developed today. Renewable energy is an energy industry, and energy is the key to cost. China has industrialized technology, capital, team, and market, and can make the cost to the extent of consumer acceptance. I told my foreign friends that technology industrialization must come to China, first applied in China, and then exported. Benefiting the global villagers.

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