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PV has the ability to compete with natural gas
Aug 14, 2018

In recent years, China's photovoltaic industry has become an important driving force for global PV with its strong manufacturing capabilities and technological innovation. Shi Zhengrong said that as a kind of energy consumer goods, the price of photovoltaic products is a key factor affecting its marketization. At present, China's photovoltaic power consumption has been less than 1 yuan per degree, and the cost reduction has pushed solar photovoltaic out of the research laboratory and into the homes of ordinary people. Shi Zhengrong believes that photovoltaics currently have the ability to compete with natural gas, and it will take several years to compete with coal power. Whether or not the green energy can be used to replace fossil energy in the future depends not only on the promotion of national policies and the macro environment, but also on the transformation and strong support of the government's development philosophy.

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