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PV power plant subsidy arrears solution
Aug 14, 2018

The national subsidy arrears of ground photovoltaic power plants have become a negative factor affecting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry. The investment decision-making model used by most of the ground power station investment enterprises has been tested. This situation will face a concentrated outbreak in 2018. The news said that the Jiangsu New Energy Association plans to Premier Li Keqiang wrote a letter requesting relevant government departments to resolve the issue of timely subsidies as soon as possible. As soon as possible, the company's financial report will treat the state subsidies as accounts receivable. After the actual PV power plant is put into production, it will have problems in returning the loan interest of the financial institutions by the benchmark electricity price income. The loan principal has to be raised separately to raise funds. This situation does not say that private enterprises, even in general Central enterprises can't stand it anymore. Huadian Group's head of photovoltaic operation in Xinjiang is complaining. The first two years of joint ventures, which are based on the acquisition mode of photovoltaic power plants, have also died down. The company has changed its name to Panda PV.

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