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Qinghai inspects 280,000 mu of photovoltaic land
Aug 14, 2018

Fully grasping the land use of new energy photovoltaic projects in Qinghai Province. Recently, the Qinghai Provincial Land and Resources Law Enforcement and Monitoring Corps combined with the environmental protection inspector rectification supervision work and the law enforcement inspection work, carried out a special investigation of the land use of photovoltaic projects in the province. The Ministry of Land and Resources of Qinghai Province will verify the approval of land use for photovoltaic projects in the province since 2013. As of the end of August 2017, the province had a total of 245 land plots for new energy photovoltaic projects, with a total area of 281,300 mu, involving 171,000 mu of agricultural land and 0.08 million mu of cultivated land. Among them, the land for photovoltaic projects has been rectified and 176 cases have been obtained, and the remaining 69 sites for photovoltaic projects are being investigated and rectified. Haixi and Hainan are the main distribution sites for photovoltaic projects in Qinghai Province. They cover 213 projects for photovoltaic projects, accounting for 86.94% of the total number of photovoltaic projects in the province, covering an area of 267,300 mu, accounting for the total area of photovoltaic projects in the province. 95.02%.

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