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International Solar Quality Exhibition
Aug 14, 2018

Co-hosted by the American Solar Power Association and the American Solar Industry Association, the US International Solar Energy Exhibition is not only a large-scale solar professional exhibition fair in North America, but also an influential international exhibition in the solar industry worldwide. At the exhibition site, the Chinese company booth was very eye-catching. Not only do large companies occupy important positions, they catch people's attention, and small companies are also well-equipped to attract audiences. Huawei's booth is in a prominent position, including FusionSolar's leading industry standard solutions, industry-leading 1500V 95KTL intelligent string inverter and FusionHome smart energy solutions. Zhang Wei, general manager of Huawei's smart PV business and marketing support department, said that Huawei IV curve intelligent diagnosis technology can remotely perform "CT scan" detection on the power station, accurately locate string faults, find the root cause of the problem, and avoid invalid round-trip power stations. Significant savings in operation and maintenance time and costs.

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